Install DAR 2.4.12 from source because latest version ubuntu package is 2.4.2.

./configure --prefix=/usr

dar and libdar have been successfully configured with the following parameters:

  LIBDAR parameters:
   Zlib compression (gzip)    : YES
   Libbz2 compression (bzip2) : YES
   Liblzo2 compression (lzo)  : NO
   Strong encryption support  : YES
   Extended Attributes support: NO
   Large files support (> 2GB): YES
   ext2fs NODUMP flag support : NO
   Special allocation scheme  : YES
   Integer size used          : infinint
   Thread safe support        : YES
   Furtive read mode          : YES
   Large directory optim.     : YES

  DAR SUITE command line programs:
   Long options available : YES
   Building examples      : NO
   Building dar_static    : YES
   using upx at install   : NO
   building documentation : NO


sudo make DESTDIR=/usr/bin install-strip
dar -V
dar: error while loading shared libraries: libdar.so.5000: cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory

I need help...

UPD: info about ubuntu package dar_2.4.2-1_i386.deb and my install log

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