I'm trying to solve an issue osg_forum with openscenegraph and I found out that I have 2 versions of openscenegraph installed (dont know how it happened).

I would like to uninstall both of them and reinstall

One of them I just removed with

sudo make uninstall

called from build folder and it removed /usr/local/lib64 libraries, includes etc..

And I dont know how to remove the other one which is located in /usr/lib. I dont have any "build folder" where I could use make uninstall and

sudo apt-get remove openscenegraph

doesnt do the job ( I just noticed that it removed osgmovie bin for example..) Is it save to just delete it?

Because when I want to play movie using osgmovie then it loads /usr/lib/osgPlugin.ffmpeg.so and not /usr/local/lib64/osgPlugin.ffmpeg.so and I really dont want to "mess" with these libraries even more.

sudo apt-get remove --purge openscenegraph
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