maybe I just did not get any information while searching through google pages but I really tried to find some about biblatex.

I tried aptitude search biblatex but nothing appeared.

Why isn't biblatex in the Universe anymore? Is there some other/newer software to replace biblatex in 14.04?

thanks for every answer :)


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From the launchpad page of biblatex in 14.04 You can see that

DELETED: Trusty pocket Release in component universe and section tex

    Removal requested on 2013-10-24.
    Deleted on 2013-10-24 by Colin Watson

    (From Debian) ROM; included in TeX Live, no need for separate packaging; 

It has been removed as a seperate package and has been included in texlive, specifically the texlive-bibtex-extra package. So just install that package as follows:

 sudo apt-get install texlive-bibtex-extra

You may also want biber, in which case instead run:

 sudo apt-get install texlive-bibtex-extra biber

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