Blu-ray writers have reduced in price a lot recently, but there are few success stories on the web about writing blu-ray disks using Ubuntu (and the same goes for GNU/Linux in general).

Are any of the new low-cost blu-ray writers supported? Can anybody confirm that they've personally used them with success? What software did you use (I'm most interested in tools that operate at the hardware/protocol level, such as growisofs, rather than the GUI tools that wrap them)?

  • I've had bad experiences with cheap BD-RW disks (7 months of use and then unreadable), but that had everything to do with the media and not the OS or the drive and drivers.
    – crasic
    May 20, 2011 at 1:23
  • 4
    So, you were able to write a blu-ray disk? Also, you were able to do that reliably, once you found suitable disks? What hardware (what blu-ray writer) did you use, and what software? May 20, 2011 at 20:55

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I've so far found blu-ray writing using growisofs to Verbatim BD-R disks using an LG BH10LS30 blu-ray writer to be reliable. I've only burned a small handful of disks so far, though.


A new software seems to have a GUI for Bluray disc. It's Silicon Empire. You can install it in Ubuntu by downloading the package in the Downloads section, on the website.


According to the cdrkit homepage, cdrecord has had Blu-Ray support since 2007. The homepages also states that all SCSI-3/mmc compliant drives and all ATAPI/mmc compliant drives are supported. I don't think there is a software issue. You should just look for a burner with good reviews.


It is supported. Just needs some set up. See here https://help.ubuntu.com/community/CdDvd/Burning#Blu-Ray_Burning


According to the Ubuntu Wiki, it is possible, however, I have not tried myself.

It says "The only available GUI in NeroLINUX. See Burning a DVD or Blu-Ray Disc below for command line instructions."

For playback, there is a post for that as well on the Ubuntu Wiki.


My blu-ray writer works just fine on ubuntu with neroLinux. I have only written one disk but that is limited only by my lack of need for another blu-ray disk , it's not like i tried more that failed. (to be honest , i didn't even need to write the first one either - I just wanted to test my new notebook's blu-ray writer )

Since i use a notebook though (Lifebook NH570 by Fujitsu) I can't give you an idea for a blu-ray writer so that you can buy one - unless you care about the model of the writer included in my notebook.

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