I have created a folder called shared1 which I am going to share. After that, I have created a group named group.

Currently no users are added into group group.

I need to assign read and write permissions to folder shared1 with only the group group having access.

How do I do this?


Ok, here is what you do

Open terminal (ctrl+alt+t) and type

sudo chmod g+rw (folder path)

Where folder path is the full path of the folder. ex: home/user/folder. This basically gives (+) the group (g) read and write (rw) permission to the folder. Now type

sudo chmod uo-rwx (folder path)

this removes (-) read, write, and excecute (rwx) permissions from the owner (u [stands for user]), and others (o).

Note: you will need to type in your password. this is normal.


The short command to achieve that DeveloperNewb suggests is

sudo chmod 060 shared1

But I suggest you to set permissions either to 660 or to 770 due to conveniency reasons. Once you set those permissions to 060 you have always to use sudo to access that folder.

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