TFT Central, a site that reviews hardware and software has downloadable monitor/display ICC profiles.

What is the process of installing and using a downloaded ICC Profile for my monitor?

I am using 12.04lts 64-bit.


for 64-bit PC (AMD64)


for 64-bit MAC (AMD64)


I suppose you want to use custom ICC profiles.

For this purpose you have to install a few packages to set up custom downloaded ICC profiles. Execute following command in terminal :

sudo apt-get install gnome-color-manager xicc xcalib

Then use xicc or xcalib to use custom ICC profile:

xicc /location/of/profile

or with xcalib you can specify gamma correction as well using

xcalib -gc 1.8 /location/of/profile

If you want to use these ICC profiles on system start, then see How to make xcalib always start up automatically?

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