So far I have:

  1. downloaded Ubuntu 12.04.4 LTS from the site.

  2. Converted the ISO file to IMG. (I used Unetbootin, I'm not completely sure I did this right.) I selected disk image, ISO, and browsed to find my Ubuntu ISO file. I saved it to a 4 GB flash drive.

  3. I put the flash drive in my parents' old HP Pavilion. I rebooted, and hit escape to get to the boot menu.

  4. I could see my flash drive as an option. I selected it and hit enter.

--And then Windows XP just starts up like always.--

Even though I select my flash drive from the boot menu, Windows XP loads up. I'm not a computer wiz, and this is my first attempt to play around with Linux. I heard using a cd is easier, but the cd drive on this pc is toast.


go into the bios and set the boot order to allow the usb before the hard drive. also im not familiar with your choice of iso burner, i recomend blackbox iso, its free... shouldn't have to convert to .img, just burn the image straight to the flash. another option might be to use booti on a cd, then select the usb, or cd of your choice.

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  • Ok, I went into the BIOS. The Boot Device Priority options are: Floppy Group HDD Group CD-ROM Group Network Boot Group Disabled I'm not sure which - if any- of those options is my USB drive. But when I enter the boot menu from startup, I can see my USB drive and select it. Shouldn't that override any boot device priority? I have to make the bootable drive on a mac. That's why I didn't use blackbox. – georgedum Mar 24 '14 at 23:48
  • OK, I found my flash drive in the BIOS. It was filed under HDD Group. And it's listed as second priority to regular Windows. The only problem is that I can't move it up in the list. The instructions say to use the <+> and <-> keys to move them, but pressing the keys does nothing. – georgedum Mar 25 '14 at 0:45
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    With an older PC, it's quite possible that booting from USB devices is not supported by the BIOS. You may have to source a working optical drive (computer recycling centers often sell used gear cheaply). – douggro Mar 25 '14 at 7:15

I suggest You to try same process with the help of Linux Live Usb Creator

I am always using It and It work perfectly!!

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