I'm new to ubuntu and I'm using version 13.10.

I tried to install VLC, but every time I click the download icon it tells me that I need an application to open this link, then invites me to choose one from an empty list.


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I Think you were trying installing VLC from VLC website it need to be linked with software center

You can install any package using apt [sudo apt-get]

installing package(s)

sudo apt-get install <package-name>

<package-name> can be replaced with following::

google-chrome-stable, pidgin, cheese, audacity, gstreamer, vlc, clementine, guake, gksu, espeak, gedit-plugins, dosbox, playonlinux

i.e - sudo apt-get install vlc

   sduo apt-get install cheese

or You can install more than one packages[softwares] using one statement.

   sudo apt-get install vlc cheese pidgin

SEE > Things to do after installing Ubuntu


On Ubuntu, you cannot open a .exe file. Those are for Windows only.

You have multiple choices for installing a program though :

  • Open Ubuntu Software Center, search for "VLC" and click install.

  • Open a Terminal, and type sudo apt-get install vlc

  • Download a .deb installation file and open it with the Software Center.

To be able to download and install a program found on Ubuntu-related websites in one click, you need to have the package apturl installed. Once installed, you can open link apt://something with /usr/bin/apturl-gtk


Try this command:

sudo apt-get install vlc-nox
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    Just to note that vlc-nox is somewhat a terminal based version of vlc. If you need the full VLC GUI, you would need to install the vlc package – Dan Apr 4 '14 at 17:23

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