Well, I don't know how native English call it, in China, we call it "游戏克星". Something like Game buster, Game master, FPE (Fix People Expert), etc. But they only run in Win32.

It should be capable of:

  • Analyze memory to find out which bytes are used by life-point, energy-point, etc., and change them (when the game is running).
  • Save/Restore memory snapshot, so I can resume the game at any time. (Most games only allow you to save at specific save point)
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    a Cheat tool that scans the RAM ? to make trainers,etc.? – Uri Herrera May 19 '11 at 7:16
  • @Uri: Yes, scan the RAM and do diff. – Xiè Jìléi May 19 '11 at 23:38


scanmem is a simple interactive debugging utility for linux, used to locate the address of a variable in an executing process. This can be used for the analysis or modification of a hostile process on a compromised machine, reverse engineering, or as a "pokefinder" to cheat at video games.


  • Interactive command mode, with online help.
  • Specify target value exactly, or using abstract "higher" and "lower".
  • Supports variable width targets.
  • Set variable to any value.
  • Modify variables once, or continually over user specified period.
  • Detailed information about mappings, allow users to eliminate regions.


Game Cheater

It is a game cheater for GNU/Linux , use "ptrace" system call. With it, you can search and edit the game process' memory, modify HP, MP, score .

Game Cheater

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