I was install mpi and I have given the path for it in the .bashrc and I closed my terminal and after some time again I opened terminal it's showing following error in the very first line followed by my terminal prompt and I was unable to type anything in my terminal

prompt means it is not accepting my key strokes from keyborad

bash: linux: No such file or directory ubuntu linux@terminal:~$

( here linux is my username )

For that I searched and I found one solution is that remove the things which I have updated to the .bashrc. After doing this again I opened the terminal now the error message is not coming but in the terminal prompt I am unable to type anything


You can solve your problem by replacing your .bashrc file with the default .bashrc from the installation time. You can do this from Nautilus (the default file manager in Ubuntu). To do so:

  1. Open Nautilus.
  2. Press Ctrl+L to switch Nautilus path bar to address bar.
  3. Type /etc/skel and press Enter to go inside /etc/skel directory.
  4. Press Ctrl+H to view hidden files.
  5. Copy .bashrc file.
  6. Go to your home directory.
  7. Paste .bashrc file.
  8. Restart your terminal.

I suggest:

  1. Rename your .bashrc so that it’s not capable of causing problems, then reboot.
    • If that works, fix your .bashrc.
  2. Type Enterstty saneEnter to clear any tty-related problems.
    • If this works, fix your .bash_aliases or whatever.
  3. Log on as another user.
    • If this works, fix your offending .bash* file.
  4. Try another keyboard.

Good luck.

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