I have 200 windows 7 laptops that were just delivered. I have a test laptop that I have setup with ubuntu. What is the best way to clone the new laptops to exactly match the identical ubuntu ( setup the way I want ) laptop.

I've tried many things:
1) DRBL will not load because it cannot find the imp file ( I had great hopes for this one )

2) FOG will not run on ext


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I clone many machines in my work and I have great success with simply using tar from the command line.

Mount the partition of the source hard drive to (say) /mnt.

tar cvfpz /home/me/documents/mybackup.tar.gz /mnt

I recreate the partitions on the new HDD. Untar my Tarball to the new partition and re install grub.

Mount new hard drive to /mnt

cd /

tar xvfpz /my back up.tar.gz

All in all it is relatively quick and painless.

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