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This question clearly explains about how to find all the commands which are provided by a particular installed package.

My question is, how to find(or lists) all the available commands which are provided by a particular package before installing that package via terminal ?

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You can use apt-file (is not installed by default in Ubuntu). Before of the first use, run apt-file update to fetch contents files from apt-sources.

Here is an example:

apt-file -F list geany | egrep -w "(s|)bin"
geany: /usr/bin/geany

And an example with a package with more commands:

apt-file -F list mesa-utils | egrep -w "(s|)bin"
mesa-utils: /usr/bin/glxdemo
mesa-utils: /usr/bin/glxgears
mesa-utils: /usr/bin/glxheads
mesa-utils: /usr/bin/glxinfo

In this case the commands are, evidently: glxdemo, glxgears, glxheads and glxinfo.

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