Ok so i was poking around on the internet looking to dual boot my laptop (windows 7 and ubuntu) and saw the ubuntu for android page and was super excited. I want to install the ubuntu full desktop os on my LG Optimus G Pro, but have a few questions. i poked around for answers but none were answered by the ubuntu site or forums i could find.

  1. Is ubuntu for android something that can be added to existing phones, or is it something pre-installed on phones at purchase?

  2. Where does one get the necessary docking device for the phone to connect to a monitor? Or again is it something that comes with specific phones?

  3. I see lists of required specs EVERYWHERE but nothing saying how to actually get ubuntu for android.

Im a little frustrated about the lack of information on the main site about who, how, and when people can obtain ubuntu for android. I was pumped up for it by the page, but was a little disappointed that i could not find out how (or if) i can install it. i would really appreciate if someone can fill me in on ubuntu for android's status. Thanks!

  1. It's not pre-installed on phones (yet). There have been announcements of phones with Ubuntu pre-installed, but not with the desktop switching mode, just with the Ubuntu Touch experience (for now).
  2. Not out yet.
  3. Here's a list of devices! Since Ubuntu on phones is still really in pre-release mode, it's not really in average-Joe mode yet. You could still have a stab at it if you have a supported device, though; here is the install guide.

So, Ubuntu for Android isn't where you want it to be right now. The idea of having your current Android phone then plugging it into a dock and you have a full desktop is great, but it's not here yet. You'll probably see Ubuntu phones hit the market early next year.

  • Please note though that Ubuntu touch != Ubuntu for android – Daniel W. Mar 18 '14 at 1:37

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