I have several computers at different locations, and I want all of them to be set up in exactly the same way. Is it possible to write a script which I can run once I have installed a new Ubuntu OS to automatically download and install all the programs which I need? I would like to install programs such as

  • Google Chrome
  • R
  • Eclipse
  • etc

The script is as following

#! /bin/bash
mkdir  install9327
cd install9327
wget -c <link to google chrome.deb>
wget -c <link to etc.deb>
sudo dpkg -i *
sudo apt-get -y install r-base-core eclipse
cd ..
rm -r ./install9327
spd-say "mission completed, no guarantee of success."

Make the script executable with

sudo chmod +x /path_to_script/filename.sh    # filename.sh is your script name.

This script will create a folder, download chrome and etc, install them, install R and eclipse and then clear all the stuff.At last it gives a spoken message.

In case of failure(due to disconnection,broken dependencies etc), this script will just leave a folder behind, which you may want to delete.

NOTE:- You have to manually ensure the links to google chrome and etc, do not install wrong packages on wrong distro.


Check out Diskless Remote Boot Linux and Clonezilla. The idea here being that you would install the Desired OS on a dedicated server with all the apps, clone it and then use DRBL to install the image via Clonezilla.

DRBL: http://drbl.org/ Article describing all this: www.linuxjournal.com/article/10884

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