I saw that there's a applet for tomboy, but if I run the standalone program (tomboy) it shows up in the indicators panel (which, to me, is more preferable than having a specific applet for Tomboy).

My question is: Is there any way to launch Tomboy without showing up the main window?
In Empathy, for example, I can do this by specifing the -h option in command-line.


The command tomboy should start Tomboy without showing any window.

There are a few exceptions to this:

  • on first run, Tomboy will always show the "Start Here" note (which is the same as running tomboy --start-here). You should be able to turn this off with gconf-editor.
  • By default, Ubuntu's Tomboy launcher is set to run tomboy --search, which will show the main Search window.
  • if Tomboy is already running, the command tomboy will show an application window
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    +1 Thank you. Open startup applications, find Tomboy, click edit and delete the --search from the command. Aug 8 '11 at 23:03

If tomboy is started without a panel existing or before the panel has loaded then the search window will be displayed. Therefore if you are adding tomboy to your startup programs use sleep 20 && tomboy . Alternatively use devilspie to have the window minimize as soon as it's opened.

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