When I am creating an qcow2 file using qemu-img command I am getting error as librbd.so.1 file not found. When I check for the dependencies that .so file is present in the /usr/lib folder.

Can any one solve this issue?


First try to install this library if not exists:

sudo apt-get install librbd1

then try you qemu-img command. If failed find the library location:

sudo find / -name  librbd.so.1

make a symlink to it

ln -s /usr/lib/librbd.so.1 /path/to/your/librd.so.1

then execute qemu-img again

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  • Where is the 'LDFLAGS' varible present? In which file this variable have to keep and what is the location of file? – user27 Mar 15 '14 at 7:14

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