My /usr volume has run out of space. Are there any libraries from gnome that is safe to remove. I am using unity and I don't think I will need to use 'Ubuntu classic' again.

I used apt-get autoremove and clean, but there were no unused libraries. Are there any apps that might not be needed?

Thank you..

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As Unity is a shell for Gnome you still need about all of the Gnome stack. Removing metacity and gnome-panel should be safe, but that doesn't free up much space.

  • I'd even keep those around - I still like me 'ol gnome-panel
    – jrg
    May 17, 2011 at 12:24

I am glad you asked such a question as it gives a chance to clear up some things.

Unity may not directly use GNOME libraries, but the experience provided by Unity depends upon the GNOME platform. If you ran out of space in /usr, then it is likely that you installed too many applications/libraries, and it's time to do an audit.

What I would suggest is looking for any libraries/applications that are auto-removable, and then looking for the applications you use least.

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