I need to change the permission on a couple of files in the /usr/share/backgrounds/. I've been lurking around forums but no one will give me a straight answer. Rather, they just keep warning me against it. The files in question are two images, lets say, img1.jpg and img2.jpg. All I want to do is set their "Other" permission from "None" to "Read-only".


as owner or user with write permissions on the file:

chmod o+r filename

Type in a terminal:

sudo chmod o+r /usr/share/backgrounds/img1.jpg
sudo chmod 444 /usr/share/backgrounds/img1.jpg 

444 Allow read permission to owner, group and world.

  • chmod to 444 causes the file read-only to all users (owner, group and others), revoking all write permissions as well!
    – Kenneth L
    Mar 14 '14 at 2:26

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