I see lots of posts on here about folks having major issues with installing Ubuntu on a Lenovo Y410P. Has anyone successfully installed Ubuntu with no major issues?


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I have! I decided to go ahead and do it today before waiting on an answer to this question.

I used the top answer to this post: Unable to install Ubuntu on Lenovo Y500.

It's for a Y500 but it applies to the Y410P.

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    Yeah, I've installed Ubuntu 13.04 on Y410p successfully last December. What problems do you encounter?
    – Coiby
    Apr 4, 2014 at 23:45

Yes. I succeeded in installing 13.10, there were some issues with dual-booting with Windows 8 but grub was able to fix it once I can boot into Ubuntu. I am going to upgrade my 13.10 to 14.04 now. Hope it works out for me!


I've been successful with Kubuntu 14.04.4 LTS installation in dual boot configuration as of 29 Feb 2016 with nothing more than a 2 GB USB stick that was turned into bootable Kubuntu Live/Install medium using 'UNetbootin'

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