I use workrave not just to avoid RSI, but also as a tool to save my eyes. I only have the rest break set up every 70 minutes.

The problem is that it treats events like video-watching as inactivity and resets, then stop the timer till I'm done watching the video, which can be hours if I'm watching something engrossing (I generally use VLC for playback).

The inactivity reset is great when I'm working, because it treats periods I spend away from my computer (walking around or answering a phone call) as breaks. The only qualm I have is with video playback being counted as idle time.

How do I solve this? Suggestions for other software that meet my criteria are most welcome. Specifications: Ubuntu 13.10 64bit, Workrave-1.10.1

  • I wonder what should you do when video is interrupted. You can easily stop reading and come back later but how do you come back to the video which runs away in real time? – Valentin Tihomirov Feb 27 '16 at 18:05

I think if you turn on "reading mode" in workrave, it will always count down the time, regardless of how much keyboard/mouse usage you do.

  • That is correct. I was wondering what does reading mode do – Bertram Gilfoyle Mar 11 '19 at 22:30

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