I installed Weather Indicator for Ubuntu 11.04, but I can't find the information about the felt air temperature (like temperature is 30 degree, feels like 32 degree). How could I get that information? I can get this from old Ubuntu.


Unfortunately that feature is not in the current version of indicator-weather. The next major version (foggy) will have it. For the latest features and bug fixes (including felt air temperatures when they arrive), add our PPA: ppa:weather-indicator-team/ppa

If you want felt air temperatures now, then perhaps you should try My-Weather-Indicator, another weather indicator.

Disclosure: I'm involved with indicator-weather.

  • i very much like indicator-weather and miss that feature too, but also i have to restart it daily due to segmentation faults -- so looking forward to 'foggy' not only for felt air temp. ;) – type Jul 28 '11 at 9:41

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