After some unspecified point in the past, my bash completion has acted strangely:

  • if I begin a filename to complete with ~/, I cannot complete filenames, only directory names, and the suggested names (if I press tab twice) show only directories (including hidden ones)
  • sometimes, under random circumstances, completing relative paths also has the above restrictions (most recently, trying to complete while in a subdirectory of /tmp exhibited this behavior)
  • if I start a command line as VAR= -l(space) for any VAR and -l and press tab, bash-complete throws up its "unknown argument/incorrect syntax" help message (in my case, I wanted to tab-complete an LDFLAGS=-L/... whose spaces would be removed once I found the directory that had the libraries)

Everything else (completing absolute pathnames, command completion, etc.) works as expected. I do not have the /dir(space) tab-completion behavior that other questions about bash-complete found here and on Google cover.

I tried removing /etc/bash_completion.d to no avail. sudo apt-get --reinstall install bash-complete did not work either. complete -r restores the intended behavior, so it is an issue with bash_completion... this has persisted across several updates to the bash-completion package as well.

I am on Kubuntu 14.04; this happens both in Konsole and in virtual terminals.

What could be going on? Thanks!

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