I just installed Ubuntu on my local mounted thumb drive. I went to software and installed mono. Then I looked in the application folder and saw two icons for mono, one for a terminal which I did not install. I clicked on the other icon and selected open and nothing happened. I do I access the mono IDE?

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    What mono package did you install? There's the mono runtime and the mono IDE.
    – Seth
    Mar 11, 2014 at 2:33

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MonoDevelop is the IDE typically used for Mono development. You can install it with:

sudo apt-get install monodevelop

See: How do I install Monodevelop 2.10 or later on 12.04?


I just ran into this, and I believe the question is specifically: where can the executable be found.

As of Ubuntu 14.04, the executable for MonoDevelop will be found at:


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