I'm customizing my Xubuntu theme. With GNOME Color Chooser I can change most of the default option regarding the colours of windows background. But seems that for some special widows like Volume Control, Ubuntu Software Center I don't have any possibility to control the background and the foreground colour. Unfortunately, I don't know why, they have a very bad colour combination (white foreground in a light grey background see figure) so I don't see anything.

enter image description here

How can I change the background color of these "special windows"? Even a default scheme for these one for me goes well but not white over light gray!

  • Which theme is this? Have you tried the default Greybird theme? – DK Bose Mar 7 '14 at 12:43
  • @DKBose is albatross! Yes in fact if a change the theme I solve the problem but I don't like very much with Greybird, I would like to use albatross and change only these windows... – G M Mar 7 '14 at 13:24

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