I am currently using Windows 8.1. I want to install Ubuntu as a dual boot. I burned the disk and put it in the drive and rebooted. Ubuntu first loads some things, then shows a little insignia at the bottom after which it just shows a black screen with a rapidly blinking cursor. After about a minute the computer reboots and the process continues until the disk is removed.

I tried both Ubuntu 13.10 and 12.04, both gave the same result.

I have left the computer with the disk in for about an hour, during which it constantly looped.


It takes some time to load all the things that are needed from the disk before Ubuntu can actually start up. It takes even more time if you are using a disk instead of a USB stick (quicker access on flash memory).

Did you try to wait more than one minute ?

Also can you make sure that your Ubuntu image (the one that you burnt on the disk) is not corrupted ?

I would try to boot from a flash drive just to make sure it is not related to memory access. See this guide to create your bootable stick.


Some windows 8 computers have to use advanced startup to boot off a cd or usb drive.


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