I have used foreman to export an upstart config. There are a lot of long environment variables so the processes started include some with a long command like:

-su -c cd /home/ubuntu/project/2014-03-05-3ff545d; export PORT=5000; export BASE_URL=http ..... ; command_to_run

However the ps output on a bash terminal is truncated and misses some of the exported environment variables and the command_to_run part on the end. According to man ps | grep Wide:

w   Wide output. Use this option twice for unlimited width.

Using ps aux -w -w or ps aux ww or ps auxww still does not give me all of the command.

Edit 1

htop and cat /proc/<PID>/cmdline doesn't give the full output either, with the command truncated again to 4096 characters.


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Can you get all of the command easily? No. You can only if you want to recompile the kernel.


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