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I was wondering how to encode a video from a speed of 1 x to a one of 5 x, using ffmpeg.

Thanks in advance for any suggestion.


Speeding up/slowing down video

You can change the speed of your video using ​the setpts video filter. The "old way" of creating timelapse or still frame was to first split up a video into individual frames, (for instance, as jpg's) then delete some and recombine the frames. Using the setpts filter is the new way and is faster and possibly less lossy.

To speed up your video from 1x to 5x, you can type:

ffmpeg -i input.mkv -vf "setpts=0.2*PTS" -an output.mkv

Source: FFmpeg - how to speed up / slow down a video

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    It should be worth noting that Ubuntu ships avconv which is somewhat incompatible to the original and not deprecated ffmpeg. It seems to work fine with ffmpeg. As shown in the link from the answer to speed up audio and video the -filter_complex option has to be used... with ffmpeg. +1 :) – LiveWireBT Mar 5 '14 at 7:47

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