I am using Ubuntu 13.10 and have installed CCSM.

I found that the default decorator was /usr/bin/gtk-window-decorator. Is it correct? I am using the user configurations (the home directory of my user and its contents) left by the previous operating system which is Ubuntu 12.04 LTS on which I have used GNOME for my VNC server.

There are articles on the web who believe that the correct one should be /usr/bin/compiz-decorator, so what is the difference between them? Which one should be correct at all? And if compiz-decorator is correct, why it was replaced? I have never used CCSM before.

  • I think I also saw some reference somewhere to "unity-window-decorator" or "unity-decorator". Is that another one of these? Here's an AskUbuntu reference. – user29020 Feb 9 '15 at 22:33

using compiz-decorator just puts compiz in charge of picking the decorator - which, subsequently, can enable emerald or others through the compiz interface.


  • Do they have any relationship with the wake-up black border issues? askubuntu.com/questions/360598/… – bfrgzju Mar 4 '14 at 6:23
  • When I was using gtk-window-decorator, some times I wake up with black borders described in that post. Now I decided to change to compiz-decorator, will it possibly fix that? – bfrgzju Mar 4 '14 at 6:25

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