Copying (or moving) files in parallel can degrade so much the performance.

I usually need to copy large amount of files over network using the nautilus (using stuff like smb:// or sftp:// urls).

The answer for similar questions before only handle in disk operations only, not for stuff mounted in nautilus. I tried to use Ultracopier (from this answer How can I queue file operations?) and using the ~/.gvfs/ folder but it generates error (operation not supported).

So how can I enqueue Nautilus operations with all the options I have using the nautilus (like networking and all gvfs mounts)?


The problem is that the current version of ultracopier on ubuntu is really old (more than 5 years).

Please see: http://forum-ultracopier.first-world.info/post2448.html?hilit=compile#p2448

This will be helpfully to integrate ultracopier to nautilus, if you compile a new ultracopier version from the source code: Is there any special software for copy,cut like operations?

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