The usual situation: Android phones don't like ad-hoc networks, so I'm trying to make Ubuntu act as hotspot with a non-ad-hoc network instead.

I'm on a fresh install of whatever version of Ubuntu the official download page gave me.

I started by following this How do I create a non-adhoc wifi hotspot? guide, but it doesn't work.

( When I run iwconfig I get eth1 instead of wlan0 as my WiFi, so I've replaced wlan0 with eth1 in all the instructions in the link above. And I've had to do sudo apt-get install hostapd to get hostapd, but that seems to have worked)

When I do sudo hostapd -B /etc/hostapd/hostapd.conf I get

nl80211: Failed to set interface eth1 into AP mode nl80211 driver initialization failed. ELOOP: remaining socket: sock=4 eloop_data=0x8413900 user_data=0x8413ea8 handler=0x807c5e0 ELOOP: remaining socket: sock=6 eloop_data=0x8416420 user_data=(nil) handler=0x8086770

This is my first time trying to set anything up in a linux environment, so I have no idea what's going wrong or where to look for clues as to how to proceed.

Just now, I noticed this Failed to set interface wlan0 into AP mode: Intel centrino N1000 Wireless in the list to the right of where I'm typing this question.

I did the sudo iwconfig eth1 mode master. (is the period supposed to be there? tried without, same result) and got Error for wireless request "Set Mode" (8B06) : SET failed on device eth1 ; Invalid argument.

and there's no AP in the list of supported modes. Does this mean I'm doomed?

Trying to dig further on my own, I found http://nims11.wordpress.com/2012/04/27/hostapd-the-linux-way-to-create-virtual-wifi-access-point/ and at one point it tells me to run lspci -k | grep -A 3 -i "network", from which I find Kernel driver in use: ipw2200, which when input in the next command modinfo ipw2200 | grep 'depend' gives me depends: cfg80211,libipw,lib80211. This does not include mac80211 which is the one specifically mentioned in the link as supported. I have not been able to figure out if any of the ones I do get are supported or not.

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