I cannot boot Ubuntu 12.04 after from a copy of my VirtualBox file.

I am getting a "GNU GRUB version 1.99-12ubuntu5" screen with these options:

Ubuntu, with Linux 3.0.0-24-generic
Ubuntu, with Linux 3.0.0-24-generic (recovery mode)
Previous Linux versions
Memory test (memtest 86+)
Memory test [...]

Choosing option 1 or 2 leads me directly to a black screen.

Trying to fix this, I started with an Ubuntu Live Cd and run boot-repair.

Unfortunately, boot-repair failed with this link.


Now I am stuck.

Best regards


I had a similar issue with VirtualBox. Here is a link that directly relates to your issue. I don't like posting links, but it's really not my fix, I found it here, so people, please be nice.


Hope this helps!

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