I ran abcde, but wanted to edit the CD information. When I said yes, it gave me a menu of editors to choose from. I unintentionally selected nano as the editor. I canceled C-c'd the process. Now when I run abcde it automatically uses the nano editor, which is not what I want.

Where/how does abcde keep the editor choice selection?

Note: there is no ~/.abcde.conf in my home directory. The system wide /etc/abcde.conf does not include information on the editor choice. I can't figure out how the selection I made during one run is getting to my current attempts.

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acbde uses your default text editor by reading the shell variable $EDITOR.

By default, the preferred text editor is nano on Ubuntu. If you want something else, you can set the variable to a text editor of your choice by appending a line such as

export EDITOR=vim

to the file ~/.bashrc. Replace vim with the editor of your choice, of course. Remember to re-source your .bashrc after you edited it by running . ~/.bashrc before you run abcde, or simply log out and back in.


If possible, abcde uses the wrapper /usr/bin/sensible-editor. To show the selection again, run select-editor or delete ~/.selected_editor.

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