I would like to change the folder but I don't know where can I configure Tranmission.


Open transmission ----->

Click Edit ------> preferences -------> Downloading .

enter image description here

You can see Save to location , change it to the path you want.


And if you're using Transmission from the web located at http://localhost:9091.

Click on the wrench at the bottom-left of the page:

enter image description here

Then set the Download to: field to the desired location. This will be the default location:

enter image description here.

And in case you have torrent(s) who's location you want to change. Then right-click on any one of the torrent(s) in the list and select Set Location...

enter image description here

and then set the location to wherever you want it

enter image description here

all the existing data belonging to that torrent will be moved to that location.


Open Transmission ----> edit ----> preferences

This opens a new window and then you go to the downloading tab and you can change where transmission downloads to.


Open Edit --- > Preferences then click the Downloading option. There will be you have Location option change your location.

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