I have some problem with my built in (also externeal) keybord.
Function keys (volume up/down, mute) and polish characters (right alt) are not working anymore. Right alt behave in the same way as left alt (open HUD). I also can't entry polish characters with Onboard (on screen keyboard).

What I tried:

  • Function keys are correctly configured in system settings->keyboard->shortcuts, system see them correctly (I tried to change this and I am able to do it)

  • There is polish keyboard layout selected

    enter image description here

Anybody have idea how to fix it?


I partially resolved this issue (polish characters are working)

I ran ibus-setup and manually selected polish on entry setup page


It's a trick to refresh your input system by Change the Option in Universal Access.

Just enable or disable the option On Screen Keyboard in Universal Access. It may be make sense.

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