I would like to use the "Connect to Server" function (available from the Ubuntu desktop menu) to open a Nautilus window showing the file system of another machine through SSH, since I find it easier for simple file copying (and similar) tasks.

Previously, I was able to do that just fine, entering the Server's IP address, Type: SSH and User name fields for the remote machine into the Connect to Server dialog box that pops up when clicking this menu entry and entering the remote machine's password on request.

Recently however, after clicking the Connect button, a modal input window kept asking me for the password repeatedly. The first 10 or so times I actually entered the correct password for the remote machine, after that I just left it blank but it kept re-opening each time I pressed either one of the Ok, Cancel or X (window close) buttons or the Enter key. After many times, a Nautilus window actually opened, but it kept asking me for the password. After even more times, the dialog didn't come up by itself, so I thought I could now browse the remote machine's file system.

Unfortunately even then, as soon as I clicked a folder or file, I had to click away many of the password requests again.

Interestingly, I was able to browse or even copy files between machines, even though I didn't enter any password on those useless prompts. b I also tried the whole process again (after restarting both machines), this time with the Password and Remember this password options set in the Connect to Server dialog. Didn't make any difference.

This password prompt is especially annoying because it is system-modal, which means I can't do anything else (not even switch to another window) if it is visible.

Any idea what might be causing this? Or should I switch to a different remote mouting GUI such as Gigolo?

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FWIW: I have successfully used the ssh credentials by entering: ssh://username@hostname in the "connect to host" field. It will connect using ssh encryption keys instead of password. Not a password, but it does work well.

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