I have successfully backed up my laptop data using deja-dup. I used a dedicated backup server, which I connected to using ssh over my home LAN. The size of the backup on the server disk is 250 GB.

Afterwards, I am trying to create an incremental backup from the same laptop, this time from my workplace. The destination machine is the very same server, but this time, of course, I had to change the address.

I opened a port for SSH and installed noip on the server.

After starting the backup, deja-dup is forever in the "Preparing" stage. iftop tells me that I am downloading data from the backup server at about 300 KiB/s.

I guess deja-dup needs to keep track of what is on the server already: is this correct?

A related question is: given a backup size of (for example) 259 GB, how much data will deja-dup download before starting the backup?

  • If you are really going to use this on a server it might be easier to use duplicity rather than deja dup. It does the same thing, but it gives a lot more insight into what is really happening – don.joey Feb 26 '14 at 11:00

I actually found an answer.

During the "Preparing" phase, deja-dup downloads the "signature" file. Since my "signature" file is ~3.0 GB, it will take ~2.5 h to complete the stage, given the current line speed.

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