I created a small app with the Ubuntu SDK and packaged it into a click package. I am curious about what is in it. How can I open it?

The Archive Manager says it does not recognize it and the Ubuntu Software Center (Ubuntu Desktop 13.10) reports that the file could not be opened.

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Like .deb packages Click packages are ar (not tar!) archives so you can unpack them on the command line using

ar x file_name

There's a specification for the Click file format at readthedocs.org but I don't know if it is up to date.

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You can rename the .click to have a .ar extension, then file-roller will open it. The click package contains

  • _click-binary - contains the version number of the click packaging, "0.4"
  • debian-binary - contains the version number of the deb file format it is based on "2.0" http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Deb_%28file_format%29
  • control.tar.gz - contains the manifest, md5 sums of the files in the package and some other bits and bobs. If your content changes then the md5 sums will need to be updated.
  • data.tar.gz - contains the meat of your content, this will typically end up in /opt/click.ubuntu.com/yourapp.yournamespace/version/

You are best off using the click build tools and SDK to construct click packages rather than manually putting together all the bits.

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