I have a MySQL database, which is very often filling with sleep process and I have to open my workbench and then have to kill them to free connections & then it will work fine.

Is there any way I can do that from command line?


To list all sleeping process in your database

sudo /mysql_rms/bin/mysqladmin -S /mysql_rms/var/mysql_rms.sock -p processlist 

Here you will get list of data , among that list the first field is pid.

To Kill all of them

sudo /mysql_rms/bin/mysqladmin -S /mysql_rms/var/mysql_rms.sock -p kill <id1>,<id2>

Id's are nothing but pid which was taken above. You can kill one after one or you can kill all of them at a time by appending them one after one by separating with comma (,).

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