Current setup: PPC G5, Ubuntu studio 12.04, Focusrite sapphire soundcard through USB.

Working fine through qjackCtl: Audacious midi, Audiocity (recording and playback), Ardour

No sound: Rosegarden, Tuxguitar, timidity

I suspect this is a Midi issue. My objective here is to get Tuxguitar to work, I just used Rosegarden to find a pattern.

My current output in tuxguitar: Realtime sequencer / Gervill; (already tried the others, they don't work either)

Regarding tuxguitar plugins, the only one I see related to Midi is "Fluidsynth settings" where the soundfont points is FluidR3_GM.sf2, audio driver is alsa, 16bits, 64, 16. Java is 1.6.

The Java Souns API plugin is activated, and configured to "use default soundbank".

When I check Audacious, output plugin is Jack, and the Amidi-Plug preferences show 2 backends available, ALSA and Fluidsynth, with oundfonts= FluidR3_GS and _GM.

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I know it has been a few months since you have posted this, but have you gotten it to work yet? I saw in two other places that you have to have tuxguitar-alsa, tuxguitar-oss, and tuxguitar-jsa installed as well as timidity. Here and here Hope that helps if you have not gotten it to work yet. Good luck! And happy jam'n!

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