I'm using Unity on 11.04. I've had a look at the compiz-config settings but could not find any answers.

I would like to change a few default settings in Unity Launcher.

I would like to apply settings so that:

  • Launcher is only displayed when I press the Ubuntu Button (or the Super Key) (or move the cursor to the top right of the screen). I.e., it is hidden even when there are no windows obscuring it.
  • Launcher does not influence placement of windows (i.e., Unity should happily position a window aligned flush with the left side of the screen instead of defaulting to making space for the launcher)

1 Answer 1

  1. Install Compiz Config Settings Manager Install compizconfig-settings-manager from the Ubuntu Software Center

  2. Open Compiz Config Settings Manager from Dash

  3. Find Unity plugin and change Hide Launcher to Auto-Hide


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