I have:

export MANPAGER="/usr/bin/less -r -X -is"

as the last line in ~/.bashrc. This allows me to keep most of a man page visible on screen after exiting man.

I want to do the same when I view info pages. How to do so? Now, it looks like the info page is "drawn" over existing content on the terminal screen. And leaving info brings back the previous screen completely. What I want is to have the part of info I was viewing to remain on the screen with a terminal prompt as last line (for typing commands)


To get info for the ls command, for example, and keep it on screen after you quit, this might work:

env TERM=vt220 info ls

I don't think it will work as an alias, but you could make your own script called info and put it earlier in your $PATH than /usr/bin/info.

env TERM=vt220 /usr/bin/info "$1"
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    PS: I made this alias in ~/.bash_aliases: alias myinfo='env TERM=vt220 info' and then I type myinfo ls to get information about ls. So no need of script and modifying $PATH. Thanks greatly :) – Justice for Monica Feb 24 '14 at 4:21

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