I stupidly removed Zeitgeist Datahub from Startup Application Preferences. How do I re-install it back there precisely as it was originally?? To put the question in another way: I did try to re-install it using the Add button on Startup Application Preferences, but then I was asked for a Command! I have no idea what that is or where to find it! What is the command? Where do I find it? More importantly, how do I find out if Zeitgeist is even still installed in my system??? The reason I un-installed Zeitgeist from my Startup Application Preferences was because someone said it slowed the system down; only later did I discover that Unity Dash will not work without it!! I use Ubuntu 12.04 LTS


You can check if it is still installed by:

dpkg -s zeitgeist-datahub 

If it is not, you can reinstall it simply by:

sudo apt-get install zeitgeist-datahub

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