UNetBootin comes with three different choices for Ubunutu images: NetInstall, HdMedia, and Live. What's the difference?

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The short answer:

  • Live refers to a system you can boot from CD/DVD or USB.
  • Net-install installs the system on your hard-drive and it checks for updates for certain packages. Changes to the system are permanent.
  • HdMedia means installing directly from the HDD, by booting the ISO.

Derp, it's right there in the interface:

  • The Live version allows for booting in Live mode, from which the installer can optionally be launched.
  • The NetInstall version allows for installation over FTP, and can install Kubuntu and other official Ubuntu derivatives.
  • If you would like to use a pre-downloaded alternate (not desktop) install iso, use the HdMedia option, and then place the alternate install iso file on the root directory of your hard drive or USB drive

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