This might not be the best place, but here i go.

I am thinking of switching to Midori Web Browser, as it is lighter than chromium/chrome/firefox. Currently I am struggling to find any web-dev tools for it.

Any web-developer toolset for Midori web browser?

I am looking for something similar to FF - Firebug or Chrome - Developer tools


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For the version currently included in the Ubuntu Repos (0.4.7)

I was unable to find the shortcut to open the Web-Dev tools, but going to the menu (the cog-like button on the right) and click inspect page. Then it will open a window, which is exactly like chrome/chromium's one (DOH, ITS WEBKIT-BASED!).

Hope this helps someone who is looking on the net for something similar to this.

For the newer version (0.5.7):

Ctrl+Shift+I - Which is the default in chrome(and I think in FF)

NOTE: The versions mentioned above are up to date for the current date.

  • Don't have enough reputation to add an answer, but right-click - Inspect Element will also get you there
    – DaveHowes
    Commented Apr 10, 2020 at 8:27

You might try this solution: https://getfirebug.com/firebuglite. This will allow you to add the lite version through a javascript tag include.

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