I wanted to make a custom iso, so I used the Ubuntu Customization Kit(UCK). The ISO was created and I used UNetbootin to install it on a 4.0GB SanDisk flash drive. However, when I tried to boot from the flash drive, I got a "no space left on device" error. I ran the "check disk for defects" option and nothing was found. The iso created was ~1GB and the flash drive had 2.6GB of free space after the installation. What can I do to make my ISO bootable?

What I have tried:

  • Re-installing the iso.
  • Trying to boot the flash drive from a different computer
  • Testing with qemu, but all I got was a black screen

    NOTE: The computer was able to boot other flash drives and the the flash drive was able to be booted with a different ISO.

    Thanks in advance.

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