Every time a new window is opened, gnome likes to force it below the current one so I have to go to the taskbar and restore it. I can tolerate a lot of stuff but I open new windows way too often (because I'm very wasteful with my screen real estate).

Checked the Tweak Tool for possible settings that could be related, only one seemed like it would:

Whether raising should be a side-effect of other user actions

On or off, same result.

Can't pinpoint anything in dconf or gconf but theres so much in there I might have missed it. And can't think of what I might have changed to result in such an awful torture.

Alt-Tab puts it in the very next slot which helps, but I don't always realize a new window is being made (like Google Hangouts clicking Screen Share)

  • Ubuntu 13.10 x64
  • Gnome 3.8.4
    • using GDM

Perhaps try the NoAnnoyance shell extension? It suppresses the "window ready" notification and brings it to the foreground without any user interaction.


You can find more information and discussion in this bug report: (and possibly upvote and contribute)


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