• Xubuntu 13.10

I would like to have xfce4-terminal appear automatically after logging in. I would like to have this instance of the terminal have 3 tabs, the first one being title htop, the second one titled man and the last one titled Stuff.


enter image description here

Is that possible?

  1. Run xfce4-session-settings → Application Autostart → Add
  2. Put a name and a description (optional), then add this command:

    xfce4-terminal -T htop -e htop --tab -T man --tab -T Stuff

    or with sudo htop so it just wait for your password:

    xfce4-terminal -T htop -e "sudo htop" --tab -T man --tab -T Stuff
    • --tab create new tab
    • -T Title
    • -e execute command



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