I used this Universal USB Installer and ubuntu-13.10-desktop-i386.iso (MD5 verified)


But all I get is black screen with cursor blinking after BIOS's init texts. Yes, I've enabled boot from USB in BIOS.

Also used Ultra ISO to create a bootable USB for Ubuntu. I get some "Syslinux ..." message and nothing more.

My specs are:

  • Intel dual core E5200 overclocked to 4.16 GHz
  • Gigabyte EP45-DS3L
  • Asus GTX660 video card
  • 2 Hard drives and
  • DDR2 800 MHz 4 GB

Windows XP, 7, 8.1, Kubuntu 9 x86(doesn't work any more) are all installed on this computer on different drives. Kubuntu probably stopped working after I changed video card from ATI to Nvidia.

I can boot from an old Kubuntu 9 x86 Live DVD.

How do I make it to work? Should I start dancing with buben?


I've downloaded the 32 bit version of Linux Mint and it worked. Used Universal USB Installer to create bootable USB. I guess every 32 bit version of Linux will work


I had this problem before when I used Universal USB Installer, it got me nowhere. I think the problem is all the partitions and mbr on usb stick need to be deleted then formated with fat32 before using Universal Installer.

I found the other way around by installing Grub2 on usb stick and directly booting to Ubuntu ISO on my hd.

  • so how do I try this grub option? – Dmitriy Feb 17 '14 at 9:01

I had the same problem. My solution was to use an USB memory with less memory (2Gb). However, Windows 7 was installed from the 16Gb USB memory without any problem.

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