In order to assign fixed GID for departments in my organization, I would like to be sure not to choose an GID that would be selected in the future for another reason (like a new system group for a new technology).

I can see that GID from 101 to 124 are assigned to system groups like syslog or ssh in my fresh 12.04 installed box.

If I want to assign an GID for the legal department or the accounting department, what should I know before deciding? I was thinking about using number greater than 500, but maybe there is a write policy about this subject.


There is an implicit policy in /etc/adduser.conf. There are 4 interesting variables with default values:

  • FIRST_GID=1000
  • LAST_GID=29999 # Twenty nine thousand ...

So, I should use GID from 1,000 to 29,000 for my organization groups.

Maybe there is a more elaborated explanation...

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