I want to make a multiboot usb drive, but I can't find a good manager to do so. I have tried MultiSystem and yumi. MultiSystem does weird things with some of the isos, and makes a mess out of GRUB. Yumi didn't support most of the isos I gave it.

So my idea was to manual point a boot loader installed to the flashdrive at an iso file, also on the flashdrive. preferably the bootloader would be plop, or plopKexec, and would auto detect isos in a specific folder on the drive. but it would be ok to have to modify a config file whenever I add to the drive.

Will this work? if so, how?


Pendrivelinux.com has instructions for building a grub2 Multiboot from scratch:


I prefer the script from MultiBootUSB, again this uses grub2:



their homepage

Ubuntu forums thread

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try http://www.easy2boot.com

Just copy the ISO file to one of the folders (and defrag the file using WinContig/Defraggler (Windows) or defragfs (linux).

Also boots UEFI payloads, etc. Pretty much anything!

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